LAUTEC DPR for Correll Group

LAUTEC DPR for Electrical Installation Provider 

Correll Group has started using the LAUTEC SaaS platform module to track and analyze operational performance. 

By using the LAUTE DPR System for the termination and testing of cables, Correll Group is logging high-quality data for performance analysis, decision making, and claim management across their portfolio of projects. In combination with our Analytics module, the electrical installation provider is getting immediate insights into daily activities.  



LAUTEC’s daily progress reporting system (DPR) enables full project transparency and allows for real-time and fact-based decision-making. The LAUTEC SaaS platform enables renewable energy project teams to collaborate in real-time and in one digital platform. Read more about our IT systems here. 

Want to see our DPR System?  

Schedule a demo with our Partner, Henrik Iversen, here or send him a message at 

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