Quality Services

We provide Quality Management (QM) resources, procedures and other solutions for large-scale renewable energy projects. 

What We Offer

Continuous Improvement

Integrated Project Resources

Our experienced Quality Managers can be allocated as an integrated quality resource to wind power projects

Certified Quality Frameworks

We provide Quality Management plans and procedures based on international standards (e.g. ISO 9001)

Flexible Quality Supervision

We manage third-party Quality Supervision service contracts (e.g., with international providers)

It’s imperative to identify quality risks from the early development phase to maximize the projects’ business case.

Scott Cumming, Head of Quality Competence Center, LAUTEC

Case Story

Quality Management for Danish Utility

See how we consult Greater Copenhagen Utility (HOFOR) with the development of two offshore wind projects in Denmark.

Q System

Our Wind Power Inspection Tool

Perform quality inspections for offshore wind projects and digitalize any process by using our purpose-built Q System.

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Scott Cumming
Head of Quality Competence Center