Individual, Executive Summmaries with Deep Drill Downs

Powerful, interactive analytics provide insights on status and performance for benchmarking, forecasting, claim management and future procurement and bidding.

We provide our best-practice standard dashboards, which can be adjusted to unique client needs or rebuilt from scratch, to report on any dimension for a contract, project, or project portfolio.

Granular access rights for each dashboard enables precisely targeted data feeds to groups or individuals inside and outside your organization.


Automated Data Analysis for All Needs

Immediate Insight

Our Analytics module provides updated dashboards 24/7


Build completely custom-made dashboards on a case-by-case basis

Target Your Audience

Define data access for each individual to provide them with just the dashboard they are looking for

Best-Practice Templates

We provide our best practice templates for a variety of typical use cases


Understand Your Data

  • Interactive
    One chart, many views. Explore data by browsing the interactive Analytics – the full toolbox of possible charts is condensed into a limited number of swiss-army-knife-type dashboards.
  • Customizable
    Use our standard dashboards as they are, or define a new report – sketch what you need and let our experts build your report.

Henrik Søgaard Iversen

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