“The tool helps us identify trends and vulnerabilities, and, therefore, develop strategies to support the work.”

Read how the LAUTEC SaaS Platform supports the Moray West Offshore Wind Farm Project with daily progress reporting, construction overviews, and strategic development. 

This is what the project team says about using our DPR + Analytics and WindGIS systems for their offshore wind farm project activities: 

“Moray West have been using the LAUTEC DPR, Analytics and WindGIS systems since December 2022.

LAUTEC DPR has streamlined our Client Rep reporting process and enabled different work packages that help to easily standardise reporting. It is easy to set-up a subproject in the system and its flexibility allows us to capture information that is simple to analyse. Most of our external contractors were already familiar with the system prior to working with us, which was an added benefit.

The WindGIS system is great for giving a consistent and professional overview of the construction progress that is easy to interpret. This has been ideal for keeping the wider team up to date without overwhelming them with surplus information.

In addition, the Analytics tool gives the more detailed breakdown of the activities and delays for each scope of work, which helps us identify trends and vulnerabilities, and, therefore, develop strategies to support the work.

The LAUTEC team are very easy to work with, personable and always take on board feedback, prioritising the quality of their products to make the user experience as good as possible and retain their industry leading position.”

The Moray West Project Team 

About the LAUTEC SaaS Platform:

Daily Progress Reporting

Our Daily Progress Reporting (DPR) system has become the industry standard for documenting and tracking all types of work scopes – onshore and offshore. The SaaS system works online and offline and provides performance data in real time, giving project teams the clarity they need to understand where the project is going – and correct the course before it’s too late. Used by some of the biggest companies in the wind power industry, the system supports more than 80% of the wind power capacity currently in offshore construction outside PRC. 

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Our WindGIS system organizes all GIS data centrally and enables advanced GIS data exploration across project team members. The cloud-based, high-performing Geographic Information System (GIS) provides project-wide GIS data management and advanced, intuitive map functionality. The system is based on vector tile technology for top-performance and is compatible with all major GIS desktop software systems. 

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About Moray West: 

Ocean Winds (OW) is an equal joint venture between EDP Renewables and ENGIE. In the UK, OW operates the 950 MW Moray East offshore wind farm. Alongside Moray East the Moray West project is set to have 60 wind turbines, with a capacity of 882MW. Construction phase is currently in full swing, having completed the installation of the monopiles and the first wind turbines in April 2024. Caledonia offshore wind farm, also in the Moray Firth, is planned for 2 GW capacity to be operational by 2030. 

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About LAUTEC: 

LAUTEC is a project management consultancy and software provider supporting the renewable energy sector. We leverage extensive hands-on project experience and practical, industry-leading IT systems to ensure the best possible project outcomes for our clients. Trusted by some of the biggest players within renewables, we help the industry build faster, smarter, and more cost-effective wind projects worldwide, working together with our clients to accelerate the green energy transition. 

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Want to find out how our DPR can improve your project experience?

Contact our Co-Founder, Henrik Iversen, at hsi@lautec.com for a demo.

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