Our vision is to transition all power generation into renewables.

We accelerate the renewable energy transition worldwide through innovative IT solutions and consulting services, enabling the public and private sectors to develop, execute and operate wind power projects smarter, faster, and cheaper.

As a company, we strive towards making the day-to-day work in the industry smarter and easier for everyone, everywhere. That’s why we provide engineering know-how and practical, intuitive IT services for the realization of large-scale energy projects.

With diverse backgrounds and a profound passion for large-scale wind, our specialists support EPCI projects worldwide. Referring to the combined experience of our team, we are or have been involved in most existing offshore projects globally in one way or the other.

Our Values


We are open to new collaborations that focus on a collective outcome. It is our belief that teamwork and partnerships create more innovative and higher quality results.


We strive to realize new solutions and ideas and challenge conventional views. With an innovative mindset, we believe that we must improve continuously to stay relevant.


We are curious to learn something new and always like a good challenge! That’s why we encourage constant learning and knowledge sharing.

It matters what we do – today and for the generations to come.

At LAUTEC, we want renewable energy to succeed. Therefore, we see it as our responsibility to contribute to the United Nations’ sustainable development goal number seven: to “ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy for all.

We value our planet, as well as different cultures and nationalities. We believe in teamwork and partnerships and aim for a sustainable future. The fight against climate change through innovation and smart solutions is what fuels our motivation.

A Mix of Cultures and Talents

The people working at LAUTEC are united in their passion for renewable energy. Our specialists come with a technical background in engineering, fabrication, construction, project controls, quality management, GIS, and IT. With diverse educational and cultural backgrounds, our employees grow with their responsibilities and develop solutions for a green and sustainable future together, as a team.

Our Team


Nicolai Christmas-Poulsen
Chairman of the Board

Jesper Valentin Holm
Member of the Board

Liselotte Munk
Member of the Board

Martin Kristian Tillisch
Member of the Board


Anders G. Pihlkjaer
Managing Partner, Head of Global Consulting

Henrik S. Iversen
Managing Partner, Head of IT

Satya Tanner
Director, CEO Australia

Ian Spooner
Director, CEO USA

Floris Prager
Partner, CEO Taiwan

Daniel Stix
Director, CEO South Korea


Adam Laybourn
Lead Consultant, GIS

Benjamin Healy
Consultant, GIS

Carly Campbell
Senior Consultant, PMO

Gabriel Dell’Isola 
Analyst, Document Controller

Hamed Jafarzadeh
Senior Consultant, Project Planner

Ian Spooner
Director, CEO USA 

Jillian Joubert
Consultant, GIS

Julianne Vaughan
Analyst, Research & Development

Kaitlyn Fucillo
Analyst, Research & Development

Max Griswold
Consultant, Project Planner

Ramy Imam
Senior Consultant, Research & Development Manager


Anders G. Pihlkjaer
Managing Partner, Head of Global Consulting

Boris Mihaylov
Senior Manager, Head of IT Operations

Camilla Riis
Manager, Office Manager

Christopher Kjær
Analyst, Sequential Downtime Modelling

Dimitri Olander Engel
Senior Analyst, Legal Consultant

Ditte Lander Ahlgren
Senior Analyst, Graphic Designer

Gregoire Olivar
Analyst, Data Analyst

Heather Rickansrud 
Senior Analyst, Marketing & Communications

Henning Jagd
Principal, Head of GIS Competence Center

Henrik S. Iversen
Managing Partner, Head of IT

Hubert Karwowski
Analyst, Data Analyst

Julia Souviron
Analyst, Data Analyst

Maria Zoladkowska
Analyst, HR Support

Nikolaos Staikos
Consultant, GIS

Peter Brix Baek
Manager, HR

Ruben Andersen
Senior Consultant, Product Owner

Scott Cumming
Lead Consultant, Head of Quality Competence Center

William Courtney
Lead Consultant, PMO Manager

Melbourne OFFICE

Marcia Timmers-Leitch
Senior Consultant, Strategic Advisory

Satya Tanner
Director, CEO Australia


Andrew Ward
Lead Consultant, Fabrication Manager

Che-Min Tsai
Senior Consultant, Implementation Manager

Chi-Wei Lin
Lead Consultant, Project Planner

Christopher Ejugbo
Senior Consultant, Risk Manager

Cynthia Chen
Senior Consultant, GIS

Felix Huang
Lead Consultant, Quality Manager

Floris Prager
Partner, CEO Taiwan

James Gorrie
Senior Consultant, Project Surveyor

Jeppe Holmfred
Director, Head of Finance

Jet Hung
Senior Consultant, Quality Manager

Judy Chen
Consultant, Risk Manager

Lisa Lee
Senior Consultant, Project Planner

Mao-Cheng Chang
Lead Consultant, Project Planner

Mina Chen
Manager, Office Manager

Ming-Yi Hsu
Senior Consultant, GIS

Ming-Yi Shen
Senior Consultant, Civil Construction Manager

Rex Wang
Senior Consultant, Quality Manager

Taylor Brown
Lead Consultant, GIS

Ted Chang
Senior Consultant, GIS


Daniel Stix
Director, CEO South Korea

Darren Brown
Senior Consultant, Project Planner

Evelyn Jeong
Analyst, GIS

James Hakim
Consultant, PMO

Jinhee Park
Manager, Office Manager

John Banks
Lead Consultant, Project Controls Manager

Jonathan Alvarado
Lead Consultant, WTG Package Manager

Ki-Woo Sim
Lead Consultant, Permit & Consent

Mary Cho Ok Kyong
Consultant, Planning Manager

Min Kim
Senior Consultant, Cost Engineer

Roori Lee
Consultant, Document Controller

Yoojung Yang
Senior Consultant, GIS


Bence Sántha
Data Analyst

Lars-André Tobaben
Project Manager

Thibault Vanheeghe
Intelligence Analyst

Partnerships & Collaborations

Better Together

We believe that partnerships create more innovative and higher quality results. That’s why we team up with a range of organizations, such as technology companies, educational institutions, and other offshore wind consultancies.

Our World, Our Future

Offshore Wind for Children

We want to address the next generation of offshore wind experts. That is why we have published a children’s book about offshore wind and renewable energy solutions.