Document Management

SharePoint for Offshore Wind Projects

More than 250,000 organizations use SharePoint to manage documents, collaborate on content, communicate within project teams, and automate work processes. Recognized as the leading content service platform for four years in a row by Gartner, SharePoint is the ideal document management solution for large-scale project teams. That’s why we have developed a SharePoint-Based Document Management System (DMS), which is tailored to the needs of offshore wind projects.

Our SharePoint-Based DMS

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Customized for Your Project

Best-practice wind power document management architecture

Metadata configuration based on wind power projects

Naming convention & document ID automation

Document collaboration across joint ventures

Standardized wind power workflows

Standardized communication flow (communication notes/technical queries)

Microsoft Teams & Office 365 integrations

Streamlined collaboration with external parties

SharePoint Features

Digital Document Management

  • Templates
    Create new documents from templates, such as policies, contracts, records, or invoices.
  • Workflows
    Set up automated workflows to let colleagues know when to approve, edit, or sign documents.
  • Notifications
    Get notified when one of your colleagues creates, updates, or approves a shared document.
  • Live Collaboration
    Work with colleagues in the same document at the same time, while keeping track of changes.
  • Activity Tracking
    See when project team members create, access, modify, share, print, or delete documents.
  • File Backup
    Did you accidentally delete an important document? No worries, you can restore it within 30 days.
  • Versioning
    Keep track of the latest updates and prevent unintended changes by checking the document versions.
  • Metadata
    Search, filter, and access documents that are relevant for you by using customizable metadata.
  • Access Control
    Control which users can view, create, upload, modify, delete, and/or share documents.
  • Security Layer
    Access your documents securely, wherever you are – with two-factor authentication via email or phone.

Implementation Roadmap

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Anders Pihlkjaer
Partner, Global Consulting / PMO Lead