“LAUTEC DPR significantly minimizes the resources required for managing and preparing DPRs and claim defenses.”

Read how the LAUTEC Daily Progress Reporting (DPR) system supports a major US offshore wind project with gathering accurate data to defend against claims. 

This is what the project’s Foundation Installation Manager and WTG Installation Manager have to say about using the DPR system for their offshore wind farm installation activities: 

“The use of the LAUTEC DPR system on the project enabled us in recording the offshore installation campaign with great detail and accuracy. This later proved to be very helpful in rejecting contractor claims as the data gathered with the LAUTEC system was clearly more detailed and factually correct than the contractor’s DPR.”

Foundation Installation Manager, US Offshore Wind Project 

“LAUTEC simplifies the task of organizing and centralizing all pertinent documentation in a highly intuitive manner. By doing so, it significantly minimizes the resources required for managing and preparing DPRs and claim defenses. Its user-friendly interface enables collaboration among project team members, making it a necessary asset for future projects.” 

WTG Installation Manager, US Offshore Wind Project 

About the System:

Our Daily Progress Reporting (DPR) system has become the industry standard for documenting and tracking all types of work scopes – onshore and offshore. The SaaS system works online and offline and provides performance data in real time, giving project teams the clarity they need to understand where the project is goingand correct the course before it’s too late. Used by some of the biggest companies in the wind power industry, the system supports more than 80% of the wind power capacity currently in offshore construction outside PRC. 

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LAUTEC is a project management consultancy and software provider supporting the renewable energy sector. We leverage extensive hands-on project experience and practical, industry-leading IT systems to ensure the best possible project outcomes for our clients. Trusted by some of the biggest players within renewables, we help the industry build faster, smarter, and more cost-effective wind projects worldwide, working together with our clients to accelerate the green energy transition.

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