Enhanced Decision-Making

High-quality budget management can be the difference between a successful project carried out to financial closure or a project failure.

We support both setting up and maintaining budgets while having the analytical skills to support key management decisions. Our DevEx/CapEx management combines deep offshore wind knowledge and data-driven analytics with in-house developed tools. 

Compare Scenarios

Our consultants drive the development and update of well-documented budgets for wind power projects – from early project development to financial close. Our DevEx/CapEx services and systems support decision making by comparing different scenarios.

What We Offer

Our DevEx/CapEx Solution

Industry Leader

Our site screening is coupled with financial expertise

Easy Comparison

Compare different scenarios and versions of your budget

Cost Overview

How does your project perform? Structure key assumptions and cost inputs

Data-Driven Decisions

Support your decision-making process with tailored data analysis


Identify levers to drive cost reduction across DevEx, CapEx, and OpEx phases

Stay Updated

Receive regular updates to track project baseline and development

Tailored to the offshore wind industry, our DevEx/CapEx service helps you to analyze expenses in all project stages. Decide on the right budget for your needs – at all times.

How We Can Help

To provide our clients with a full understanding of their project’s financial situation, we provide energy production estimates, OpEx modeling, and financial analysis. With extensive experience in DevEx and CapEx management, we can support both early-stage and mature projects.

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William Courtney
Senior PMO Consultant