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Substations are essential for transforming energy and distributing it over long distances. Engineering and managing the design of substations is a multi-discipline challenge. The connection of either onshore or offshore assets to the grid requires a successful development and construction of the transmission system.

We are specialized in transmission infrastructure for wind energy projects. Our project management consulting service includes the fields of grid code compliance, civil works, electrical and mechanical engineering. 


Connecting the Dots

Early Project De-Risking

Investigating the onshore transmission concept and ensuring that the grid connection works in the project development phase.

Grid Code Compliance

Clarifying the framework for the asset construction and operation. Ensuring the power transmitted to the grid is compliant with the applicable grid code.

Project Execution

Ensuring that all disciplines are coordinated and progressed throughout the project phases.

We draw on experiences from the successful implementation of transmission infrastructure in five continents and in the most challenging conditions in the world.

Support for All Project Stages

LAUTEC’s specialists provide decades of project experience within transmission systems for the renewable energy sector. As a consultancy, LAUTEC supports all stages of onshore transmission and grid connection management:

Feasibility Stage
  • Regulatory framework investigation
  • Grid code compliance investigation
  • Transmission concept development
  • Grid connection options and early dialogue with network operators
  • Early DEVEX, CAPEX and OPEX estimates based on limited information
  • Early assessment and definition of technical project envelope
Development Stage
  • Dialogue with the network operator
  • Early transmission concept development
  • Power system studies
  • Substation layouts
  • Transmission corridor layout and easement requirements
  • Development of procurement strategies
  • DEVEX, CAPEX, and OPEX estimates based on local information from available supply chain
  • Focus on DEVEX spend profile throughout the development stage in order to maximize the value for the client
Execution Stage
  • Project and contract management of Owner’s Engineer contract, detailed design contracts, execution contracts or turnkey contracts
  • Ensuring that all project parties are 100% coordinated during the execution
  • Detailed engineering and power system studies
  • Grid connection agreements
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