Exclusive Data Insights

Full Industry Overview

Key benchmarks on installation and maintenance of offshore wind farms, such as projects, vessels, turbine platforms, and foundation types

Locate Projects in Seconds

Browse or search for wind farms globally in the responsive map that contains key wind farm information

Understand Macro Trends & Project-Specific Details

Review high-level, industry-wide benchmarks or look up the installation duration for a specific turbine location


Use Cases

  • CAPEX budgeting
    Industry and project statistics for CAPEX budgeting of future projects
  • Project Schedule Development
    Realized time schedules of previous projects for projections of future project time schedules
  • Quantification of Project Delay Risk
    Investigate major delays on previous projects
  • T&I Procurement
    See the full track record and performance for companies and vessels
  • O&M Lifecycle Costing
    Review the number of jack-up interventions and SOV activities at existing projects
  • Technology Selection
    Compare installation times across turbine platforms and foundation types

Sea Impact Services

The Sea Impact team has produced a portfolio of premium off-the-shelf reports including installation benchmarks, vessel schedules, market reports, and many more. The team also provides bespoke analysis, tailored to individual needs.

One Tool by Two Offshore Wind Experts

We founded Sea Impact together with PEAK Wind as a result of a long-standing collaboration. The combination of our combined offshore wind experience, big data processing, and analytics have made Sea Impact possible.

Regular Updates

How does the average wind speed at an offshore site in Denmark compare to one in Germany or the UK? How long did it take to install the first load-outs of turbines? The Sea Impact team releases specific data insights on the Sea Impact website and LinkedIn. Reach out if you would like to see a specific insight.

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Sea Impact Project Manager