Quality Management for HOFOR

How LAUTEC Supports HOFOR with Quality Management Consulting 

As part of a Danish consortium, LAUTEC provides HOFOR with consultancy services for two offshore wind projects in Oresund, Denmark.

Greater Copenhagen Utility, HOFOR, is developing the Nordre Flint and Aflandshage offshore wind farms. With a combined capacity of 410 MW, they will be located 12 km east of Copenhagen and 10 km south of Amager. The construction phase is planned for 2025, with the first power connection to the grid expected in the second half of 2025.

Danish Consulting Expertise

Partnering up with New Power Partners and Blue Power Partners, LAUTEC consults HOFOR on the WTG package within QHSE during the engineering, procurement, construction, and O&M phase. Senior Quality Consultant, Daniel Stix, is leading the efforts from LAUTEC.

He is responsible for the quality management, assurance, and control strategy for the WTG package, assuring that the work scope is delivered on time and within budget, and according to contractual requirements. In addition, Daniel supports HOFOR within HSE, document control, and risk management, including consulting on the IT tools and systems landscape integration for the Oresund Projects.

“It’s imperative to identify quality risks from the early development phase in the project to decrease CAPEX and OPEX, and thus, to maximize the projects’ business case and IRR,” he says. 

About LAUTEC’s Quality Management Services

Our quality management services include developing and implementing project quality management plans and procedures, managing third-party quality supervision service contracts, and recruiting resources for key and senior-level positions. Read more here.

Wind Power Inspection Tool

Moreover, we also offer a web and mobile app-based inspection tool for wind power projects. LAUTEC Q digitalizes any process for site inspections, shop surveillance, and walk-downs, including the registration and follow-up of non-conformities. Contact us if you’re interested in learning more about our quality management services for renewable energy projects.

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