Industrialized Inspection


Create standard templates for checklists and reports. Collect standardized data for consistent reporting and analysis.


Maintain a full history of all project inspection actions, including photos, actions, and status.

Data-Driven Decisions

Create custom-made analytics to identify trends and risks across projects.

Big Data Ready

Organize, categorize, and analyze inspection data from mega projects as well as portfolios – perfect for large scale utility project portfolios.

Cost Saving

Reduce time spent on inspection, documentation, reporting, and action tracking.


Simplify processes between inspectors, supervisors and management.

Action Tracking

Track actions assigned to responsible parties to close out issues while maintaining a common data source.

Inspect with your phone or laptop on-site. Start on one device and switch to another – all inspection data is synchronized across your devices.


Full Process Digitization

  • Offline Access
    Work offline in remote areas, and synchronize data when you’re online again.
  • Templates
    Create and assign inspections on-the-go or from project-specific templates.
  • List of Open Points
    Manage and track closure of all open points across contracts, including punch lists, non-conformities, defects, and more.
  • Filter Function
    Get full insight with advanced filtering and sorting of the project-wide List of Open Points.
  • Checklists
    Standardize recurring inspections with checklists.
  • Plan View
    Upload floor plans and technical drawings to allow users to mark and find the location of observations.
  • Reporting and Dashboards
    Customize visual, interactive dashboards and reports that provide insights into the project or portfolio level.
  • Contractor Interaction
    Delegate punch items to contractors to follow up with actions, comments, and documentation before the contractor sends them back to the client for review/approval. Or delegate the full inspection to the contractor.
  • File Export
    Export to Excel or generate custom PDF reports with advanced scope filtering.

Inspection Tool for Wind Power Projects

LAUTEC’s Q System is optimized for the repetitive, serial-like processes of large-scale EPCI projects.

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