Triton Knoll uses LAUTEC DPR

Triton Knoll has selected LAUTEC as a software provider for their daily progress reporting – and has been using the system since early January 2020, starting with foundation installation. 

By using LAUTEC DPR for all work scopes, project participants at the Triton Knoll offshore wind farm can track progress, deviations, and milestones throughout the project. The system provides full transparency, enabling fact-based decision making from fabrication to operation.

Triton Knoll is being constructed in the North Sea, 32 kilometers off the English east coast, and will be supplying at least 800,000 UK households with electricity.

About Lautec DPR
LAUTEC’s daily progress reporting system has been used for more than 7 GW of offshore wind power projects since 2016. The flexible system fits any individual work scope, contractual setup, and project specifics. LAUTEC DPR is delivered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) and works in a browser without any additional software needed.

Find more information about Lautec DPR here or contact our Commercial Director, Mo. Siddiqui.