Our DPR tool at a Glance

Find out how to track progress, deviations and milestones for your project.
Watch our DPR demo video: 


Organizational-Wide Impact


Reduce time spent on data recording, analysis, reporting, and document management by using our daily progress reporting system.

Immediate Insight

Obtain full, immediate transparency with tailor-made, interactive Analytics reports.

Data Quality

Improve data quality and data consistency through structured data recording and intelligent data validation.

Works Offline

The system is cached locally in the browser – minimizing internet usage and making the system feel like a desktop app.

Informed Decisions

Continuously forecast future progress based on actual performance and make fact-based decisions based on live, operational data analytics.


Flexible system setup to fit any work-scope, contractual terms, and project execution setup.


Our daily progress reporting system is easy to use, ensuring the best user experience possible.


How the Report Works

  • Flexible Setup
    All drop-downs are fully editable.
  • Granular User Rights
    Detailed access rights for each user and project (none, view, edit), for data downloads and each Analytics report.
  • Digital Signing
    With our daily progress reporting there is no more download-print-sign-scan-upload process.
  • Manage User Rights
    Assign user-specific access rights to ensure relevant data access for each individual.

Plug-and-Play Standalone System

LAUTEC’s daily progress reporting system enables full project transparency, allowing for real-time, fact-based decision-making from fabrication to operations in large-scale projects, especially in offshore wind.

The daily progress reporting system is delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS) and works in a browser without any additional software needed. Online and offline. It is a simple plug-and-play system that can be implemented on very short notice.


Visualize Data with Interactive Reports

Powerful, interactive analytics provide insights on status and performance for benchmarking, forecasting, claim management, and future procurement/bidding.

We provide our best-practice standard reports that can be adjusted to unique clients’ needs – or rebuild from scratch to report on any dimension for a contract, project or project portfolio.