“LAUTEC DPR has proven to be an outstanding online tool for accurately reporting the work we perform for our clients” 

Read how the LAUTEC Daily Progress Reporting (DPR) system supports Cadeler with operational performance monitoring and optimization of their vessels. 

This is what Cadeler’s Project Planner, Emmanuel Najar Ramos, has to say about collaborating with LAUTEC and employing the DPR system for their offshore wind farm installation activities: 

“Starting in 2022, Cadeler introduced LAUTEC for documenting DPR activities on our offshore wind farm installation vessels. The LAUTEC DPR has proven to be an outstanding online tool for accurately reporting the work we perform for our clients. It boasts a remarkable level of reliability, an easy-to-use interface, and an impressive analytics module. 

The tool facilitates us to closely monitor the operations performance of our vessel in a simple and reliable way. This brings tremendous value to many departments within Cadeler as we can use the data to search for operational optimisations to better serve our clients. 

LAUTEC has consistently demonstrated willingness to provide support and take our needs seriously. We have a strong partnership with LAUTEC and look forward to continuing this journey over the coming years.” 

Emmanuel Najar Ramos, Project Planner, Cadeler 

About the System: 

Our Daily Progress Reporting (DPR) system has become the industry standard for documenting and tracking all types of work scopes – onshore and offshore. The SaaS system is completely flexible, allowing both online and offline use to provide performance data in real time, enabling fact-based decision-making. Used by some of the biggest players in the wind power industry, the system supports more than 80% of the wind power capacity currently in offshore construction outside PRC. 

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About Cadeler: 

Cadeler is a key supplier of offshore wind installation, operations, and maintenance services. Cadeler is a pure play company, solely operating in the offshore wind industry with an uncompromising focus on safety and the environment. Cadeler’s experience as provider of high-quality offshore wind support services, combined with innovative vessel designs, positions the company to deliver exceptional services to the industry. Cadeler is committed to enabling the global energy transition towards a future built on renewable energy. 

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About LAUTEC: 

LAUTEC leverages extensive project know-how and purpose-built IT systems to make renewable energy projects all over the world faster and smarter. Informed by invaluable insights from the early days of the industry, we provide the right solutions for the specific challenges faced during large-scale EPCI projects, ensuring their timely development and execution. Between our no-nonsense consulting services and practical IT solutions, we have supported most existing offshore wind projects globally, contributing to our overall mission of accelerating the renewable energy transition. 

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Interested in learning how our DPR can improve your project experience? 

Contact our Co-Founder, Henrik Iversen, at hsi@lautec.com for a demo. 

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