Mao-Cheng Chang

LAUTEC Lead Project Planner Featured in WindTAIWAN

In exciting offshore wind news, the Zhong Neng Project installed the 31st and final jacket the other week, marking the successful completion of its foundation campaign.

Ever wondered about the critical processes behind making an impressive feat like this happen?

Time: The Key to Success

Our Lead Project Planner, Mao-Cheng Chang, wrote a short article on this topic, outlining the importance schedule control carries for the success of all wind power projects, but especially those based in Taiwan. Published in WindTAIWAN No. 16, it provides some interesting insights into the processes that go into planning a successful wind energy project in the unpredictable Taiwanese climate.

Read his article here or purchase a subscription to access the full issue of WindTAIWAN here.

LAUTEC’s Contributions to the Zhong Neng Project

Both our Lead Project Planners at LAUTEC Taiwan collaborated closely with the ZN PMO, Gina Wang, and the rest of the project team during this phase, contributing to the successful completion of the foundation campaign through simulating forecasts, identifying bottlenecks, providing recommendations to managers for improvement, and offering suggestions for enhancing subcontracting status.

Mao-Cheng Chang played a major role in enabling the smooth installation of the foundations through developing and managing the planning from the supply side of the project. Using his expertise to structure the planning to the supply chain, he was able to fully understand and highlight the focal points for the fabrication management team and capacity planning and control in the supply chain, ensuring a smooth and timely execution of the campaign.

Chi-Wei Lin supported the project by efficiently collecting real-time offshore construction progress data through the utilization of the LAUTEC DPR system as well as providing timely forecast planning with the help of LAUTEC ESOX. By continuously conducting weekly reviews of progress with the ZN project team, he was able to help adjust and optimize strategic approaches that ensured this milestone was met successfully.

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