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The Growing Importance of Vessel Logistics for US Offshore Wind

Over the coming decade, the US offshore wind market will be growing significantly. When planning the first offshore wind farms in the US, vessel logistics play an important role. 

Read the white paper by our Research and Development Manager, Nick Zenkin, about considerations, constraints, and discussions related to vessel logistics for offshore wind projects in the US.

Good news for offshore wind development in the US. The Biden Administration recently announced new renewable energy targets, pushing the installation of the first wind farms in US waters. The plan is to install 30GW of offshore wind capacity by 2030, potentially generating power to meet the yearly demand of more than 10 million American households. 

So, What Comes Next?

As states are continuing to escalate their offshore wind targets every year, we must develop a vessel fleet. Most projects on the US East Coast are projected to utilize more than 20 vessels. Some estimates are even closer to 50. 

However, one of the main constraints on vessel decision-making in the US is the Jones Act. This federal law requires goods shipped between two US points to be transported on vessels built, operated, and owned by US permanent residents. 

US Maritime Law and Offshore Wind 

Discussing offshore wind development in the US related to legal and regulatory requirements, our Research and Development Manager, Nick Zenkin, participated in Seward & Kissel’s Inaugural Maritime Outlook Symposium.

Rewatch the virtual panel discussion about vessel strategies and the need to continue investments in vessel growth by signing up here.

About LAUTEC’s Research and Development Activities

LAUTEC is developing, designing, and facilitating research projects related to offshore wind development. We are working with strong partners in the offshore wind sector, such as universities, technology companies, and other educational organizations.

We are constantly looking to scale up our research and development collaborations.
Feel free to contact Nick if you would like to know more about working with us.

Nick Zenkin LAUTEC
Reserach & Developmenet Manager, Nick Zenkin
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