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Sea Impact Announces the Release of a Revolutionary Platform for Offshore Wind

Press Release 

Sea Impact just launched an offshore wind intelligence platform, providing unprecedented insights into installation and O&M activities. 

The new and licensed Sea Impact Market Intelligence Platform (SIMIP) gives full access to performance analyses for all installed offshore wind projects.

SIMIP allows especially project developers to validate and improve their project schedules and budgeting. The offshore wind intelligence platform also offers vessel performance benchmarks and vessel utilization rates, making it an invaluable asset when selecting and negotiating with marine contractors.

Always Up to Date 

SIMIP is available now. Including the latest constructed wind farms, the installation durations of new turbine platforms, the performance of new vessels, and the installation in new markets, the platform will be updated continuously.

“We are currently working on the implementation of the cable installation scope and O&M pattern by service operation vessels, both to be released later this year,” says LAUTEC Partner and Founder, Anders Pihlkjær.

Interested in SIMIP?

Contact Sea Impacts’s Project Manager, Lars-André Tobaben, for a product demo.
Otherwise, you can read more about the different module offerings for SIMIP here

About Sea Impact 

In early 2020, the Danish offshore wind consultancies LAUTEC and PEAK Wind launched their market intelligence service, Sea Impact. Since then, the Sea Impact team has primarily provided customized and in-depth performance reports for offshore wind installations.

After the release of the O&M Jack-Up Intervention report last year, Sea Impact is now taking the next step by offering an intuitive and innovative platform with full access to performance benchmarks for all offshore wind projects. 

For more information, visit or follow Sea Impact on LinkedIn.

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