Offshore for Children: How to Catch the Wind

Covid-19 has impacted the daily work in our offices around the world – from Europe to Asia, Australia and the United States. Especially as consultants, we have to adjust to a new reality of social distancing. Many of our colleagues are also parents who still have to work from home. So, we have asked ourselves: 

How can we respond to the impact of coronavirus in the offshore wind industry? 

Our team in Boston came up with an interesting answer to this question: to make offshore wind accessible for children. The idea: Creating an educational but entertaining book for both children and their parents to learn about wind energy, while staying at home together. 

Now, we are delighted to announce the release of “How to Catch the Wind”, our offshore book for children which is online and freely accessible. How does a wind turbine create energy? What is renewable energy? Where does electricity come from? “How to Catch the Wind” answers these and many more questions through reading, exercises and activities. 

Download “How to Catch the Wind” here

We hope that this book and its accompanying challenges and competition will engage children and parents in learning about offshore wind and spark some great questions about sustainable energy productions. 

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