Managing Geographic Information

A Geographic Information System (GIS) identifies and visualizes spatial challenges and opportunities by using data that is linked to a specific location. As a consultancy and tech company, we provide GIS management to help renewable energy developers plan and construct their projects. Our GIS consultants assist with both the implementation of our GIS platform and other GIS services.


GIS Services for Renewable Energy Projects

Project Resources

Our GIS consultants can be allocated as on-site, full-time project resources

Desktop GIS Support & WindGIS Deployment

We help with the analysis, set-up, and technical implementation of your GIS

Spatial Data Management

Let our GIS team centralize all spatial data for your project or organization

Project Deliverables

Upon request, we deliver GIS reports, maps, data, data QC, and DMS integrations

GIS Management in Project Phases

We have extensive GIS knowledge and industry experience, enabling us to support all phases of offshore wind projects. See below what areas our GIS Management service covers.


Constraint Mapping & Site Selection

Our GIS consultants implement multi-criteria location analyses to help customers identify high potential sites suitable for renewable energy development. We use a combination of publicly available and locally sourced data to conduct these feasibility studies. 


GIS Scope & Processes

As part of your project team or as support resources for your GIS specialists, our GIS consultants design systems and processes required for developing renewable energy projects. This includes GIS guidelines and procedures, data models, and more. 


Best Practices for Geospatial Data Handling

We ensure easy and lean data management for safe and on-time offshore operations. Our GIS consultants take responsibility for technical advice and input to tender material/contracts, and more. 

We have provided various GIS services to offshore wind development projects in Europe, Asia, North and South America, Australia, and Oceania.


Our Powerful GIS Solution

As part of our GIS Management service, we deliver and manage GIS data for renewable energy projects. To visualize and communicate various datasets, we have developed a GIS solution to view and interact with the data. Use WindGIS for the different phases of your project. 

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