Advanced GIS Access for Project Team Members, Stakeholders, and the Public

WindGIS enables you to understand and discover the connection and context between spatial factors and your project. The tool is tailor-made for cross-project collaboration within individual projects and across project portfolios – especially for offshore wind power projects.

Start visualizing all geographical information of your project with only a browser and without the need for specialized GIS knowledge.


Everyone on the Same Map

Cloud-Based & Device Independent

Securely access your data in the cloud, at any time from anywhere. Our cloud-based WindGIS has no legacy in desktop software.

Intuitive To Use

Simple and intuitive user interface with limited or no training needed.


Expandable platform to fit both small as large-scale projects.

Improved Interface Management

Readily accessible GIS data for everyone improves interface management and avoids critical mistakes.

Enhanced Communication

Direct links for sharing of specific views and advanced PDF exporting functionality makes it easy to communicate geographic information internally and externally.

Data-Driven Decisions

Direct access to updated and validated data enables accelerated decision processes based on factual data.


GIS Solution Elements

  • Responsive platform
    Users can access the data in the field on a phone or a tablet.
  • Data Updates
    Add, access, and automatically update datasets (e.g. building, cadastral, business as well as internal company data).
  • Data Layering
    Overlay multiple data layers with on the fly styling.
  • Exports
    Export customized PDF maps.
  • Measuring Tool
    Get information about length and area, whenever you need it.
  • Search Function
    The ability to store comprehensive content makes it possible to search within data layers and their objects.
  • Map Objects Metadata
    View data of map objects – e.g. building data, cadastral data, and any object specific data).
GIS Management

Data Management for WindGIS

To fuel the WindGIS system, we offer in-house consultants to assist you in managing your data across all project phases.

Our WindGIS software has been used for multiple offshore wind projects. The system is currently in operation on offshore wind projects in the US, Asia and Australia.