Display Data

Use our standard dashboards as they are – or customize them by using a starting point for a different view. It is also possible to create your own dashboard to display the data that will sharpen the edge of your project. Granular access rights to each report make it possible to evaluate scopes for specific audiences, both inside and outside of your organization.


Understand Your Data

Immediate Insight

Our Analytics tool provides updated reports 24/7.

Quality Data

Collect detailed, high-quality data that is easily available.

Improved Transparency

Identify, manage, and take action on the latest developments by updating graphs.

Easy Claims

Manage claims early – without being slowed down by manual data collection.


Our Analytics Tool

  • Interactive
    One chart, many views. Explore data by browsing interactive Analytics – the full toolbox of possible charts is condensed into a limited number of swiss-army-knife-type reports.
  • Customizable
    Use our standard dashboards as they are, or as a starting point. Build new reports, or sketch what you need in any format – and let us create the report exactly as you want.
  • Target Your Audience
    Add as many reports as needed, and control which individuals get access to each report.

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