Taiwan Wind Industry Golf Event 2021

See the Golf Course in 3D

Visit our WindGIS map to analyze the golf course for the Inaugural Taiwan Wind Industry Event 2021.

On Sunday, October 31, LAUTEC and New Power Partners will host the Inaugural Taiwan Wind Industry Golf Event. More than 100 participants from over 30 companies will fight for the championship while extending their business networks.

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All Holes in One Map

In order to finesse their game plan before the event, we offer participants the opportunity to analyze the golf course in Guanxi on our WindGIS map:

GIS map TW Golf Event

Visit golftw.windgis.io to view all holes, measure distances, and see details about offshore wind turbines in the area.

Do you have any questions about the event? 

Contact our Partner in Taiwan, Floris Prager


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The system is tailor-made for collaborating across offshore wind power projects and can be used easily by both GIS specialists and every other project participant.

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