US offshore wind rotor footprint

US Offshore Wind in Maps: Rotor Footprint

Imagine you’re inside a baseball stadium. Now, picture that a wind turbine rotor is even larger than that. Crazy, right? 

As turbine technology continues to progress, turbine components, including rotors, become larger and larger. The giant components are increasingly challenging to manufacture, transport, and assemble, but the increase in capacity and decrease in energy costs outweigh these challenges by far. 

Red Sox fans: Here, you can see one of the largest rotor dimensions superimposed on the oldest stadium in Major League Baseball. Not many Bay State roadways can handle a tractor-trailer hauling one of these blades!

LAUTEC in the US

As offshore wind development is especially emerging on the US East coast, we have established a LAUTEC branch in Boston, Massachusetts. Read more about our GIS services here, or contact our US Partner, Ian Spooner. We look forward to hearing from you.

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