Open Access, Intuitive, Global

Free, Simple, Global

Free and easy-to-use tool combined with a state-of-the-art global re-analysis database.

Excel Based

The tool is an Excel sheet with a macro. You know how it works already before you get started.


Standard Excel-based editing and markup of input and output data.

For Sharing

The ESOX Excel file can be copied, saved, and emailed for each version/scope/case.


When downloaded, the Excel tool works offline.


Most Likely All You Need

  • Automated generation of a task list for cycle-based work campaigns
  • Manual editing of individual tasks in the auto-generated task list
  • Multi-parameter constraints
  • Learning curve modelling
  • Weather calendars for P6 and MSP
  • Annual campaign simulation for each historical year
  • Milestone completion statistics
  • Root cause analysis
  • Global metocean time-series database
  • Full log of simulation steps for validation of results

ESOX+ for Complex Scenarios

The capabilities of ESOX covers the needs of most offshore wind project projects. However for more challenging, niche simulation cases, LAUTEC’s specialists also analyze high-complexity scenarios on a consulting basis.

Our specialists use the advanced ESOX+ tool to provide fully customizable and tailored-made simulation models for individual needs.

As a consultancy, LAUTEC has been using ESOX+ for the modeling of more than 5 GW of offshore wind capacity across North America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania.

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