Intuitive, Global, and Free Tool

Open Access

Visit the ESOX website to access a global re-analysis database


ESOX is based on Excel, making it easy for you to editing data

Easy Sharing

Copy or email a version, scope, or case of the ESOX Excel file

Offline Functionality

Use ESOX offline if you don’t have a stable internet connection

How We Came Up with ESOX

We have developed ESOX after a decade of experience working with planning, simulation and execution of offshore wind projects. Today, it is mainly used for the analysis of transport, pre-assembly, load-out, transit, installation, commissioning and operation activities. 


Most Likely All You Need

  • Automated generation of a task list for cycle-based work campaigns 
  • Manual editing of individual tasks in the auto-generated task list 
  • Multi-parameter constraints 
  • Learning curve modeling 
  • Weather calendars for P6 and MS Project 
  • Annual campaign simulation for each historical year 
  • Milestone completion statistics 
  • Root cause analysis 
  • Global metocean time-series database 
  • Full log of simulation steps for validation of results 

Curious about how it works? Check out the tool!

Identify Critical Activities

Identify Critical Activities

Identify the most cost-effective installation setup by exploring what activities are causing the most downtime and by analyzing how changes in operational constraints impact downtime.

Identify Critical Weather Parameters

Identify Critical Weather Variables

Identify critical weather variables for each installation scenario by using the breakdown of how individual weather variables contribute to the total downtime.

Generate Weather Calendars for Time Scheduling

Generate Weather Calendars for Time Scheduling

Generate monthly weather calendars for Primavera P6 and Microsoft Project.

Evaluate Seasonal Downtime

Evaluate Seasonal Downtime

Quantify seasonal variations in weather downtime in order to identify the preferred installation periods.

Forecast Milestone Dates

Forecast Milestones Dates

Estimate completion dates for each position for any confidence (percentile) value. Example displays forecasted completion dates for a construction campaign with 70 positions, starting January 1st.

Full Transparency

Full Transparency

No black-box modelling: see how the simulation works and double check your campaign assumptions.

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ESOX+ for Advanced Modeling

The capabilities of ESOX cover the needs of most offshore wind project projects. However, for more challenging, niche simulation cases, LAUTEC’s specialists analyze high-complexity scenarios using the advanced ESOX+ tool on a consulting basis. 

We have been using ESOX and ESOX+ for offshore wind projects across North America, Europe, Asia and Oceania, toalling 5GW of installed capacity.

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