LAUTEC and Anma Offshore Wind power into the South Korean offshore wind energy market

Anma Offshore Wind has selected LAUTEC to provide consultancy and services to drive its pioneering wind farm project forward.

Under a new collaboration agreement, LAUTEC will supply a comprehensive suite of IT systems and consultancy services to support Anma Offshore Wind in developing its 532MW wind farm in Yeonggwang Municipality, South Jeolla Province, South Korea. 

Anma Offshore Wind will be South Korea’s first utility-scale wind power project.  

IT – LAUTEC supplies WindGIS – a high-performance, cloud-based web GIS viewer, a vital resource for large-scale renewable energy projects to manage and display spatial data. In addition, LAUTEC is implementing its SharePoint document management system to prepare the project for execution. 

Consulting – LAUTEC provides an experienced team of specialist consultants to manage the scope of quality control, GIS, PMO management, and various project control functions.

Ryan Colbeck, EPC Director for Anma Offshore Wind, said:

“Having previously worked with LAUTEC over two projects in Asia, I’m confident they are best placed in helping to build our team. Their strong project management office is putting in place a structure, processes, quality controls, and an array of digital systems that will ensure the successful delivery of Korea’s first utility-scale offshore wind farm.”

Anders Pihlkjær, Managing Partner and Head of Global Consulting for LAUTEC said:

“We opened our South Korea office in December 2022, so we are thrilled that we have already teamed up with Anma Offshore Wind who share our global vision of a transition to clean, renewable energy and are bringing that to the local community of the Yeonggwang Municipality.” 

About Anma Offshore Wind 

Anma Offshore Wind aims to provide sustainable energy for millions of South Koreans and change the way renewable energy is viewed. Anma Offshore Wind’s three key commitments are to: 

Climate: helping to create a positive perception of renewable energy and educate people about its long-lasting benefits.  

Community: improving the livelihood and quality of life in the local community to make a meaningful and sustainable difference.  

Culture: providing a people-oriented, multicultural environment for our team to work and grow in. 

To learn more about the Anma Offshore Wind Farm, click here to learn more about Anma Offshore Wind and stay up-to-date with Project news. 


LAUTEC is a specialist provider of consultancy and SaaS services for renewable energy projects worldwide. Passionate about technology and motivated by accelerating the global energy transition, LAUTEC’s vision is to transition all power generation into renewables. With offices in Copenhagen, Taipei, Boston, Melbourne, and Seoul, the company enables the public and private sectors to realize wind power and other renewable energy projects smarter, faster, and cheaper. 

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