Che-Min Tsai

Meet Our System Implementation Manager: Che-Min Tsai 

We are proud to introduce Che-Min Tsai as our new colleague, joining our team in Taipei. 

Che-Min has five years of experience from companies within Taiwan’s technology, IT, and telecommunications sectors. In his previous roles as Executive Assistant and Business Analyst, he assisted in business and product developments and handled international clients. He has a master’s degree in Business Analytics and extensive experience within data management and data analysis.  

Translating Client Needs into Solutions 

Joining our team in Taiwan, Che-Min supports our clients by implementing the LAUTEC SaaS platform. As System Implementation Manager, he acts as a bridge between the client and the IT developers, giving feedback on client experiences and supporting future developments of the systems. 

“Che-Min has jumped into his new role headfirst and has been delivering from day one. He is proving that his diverse background adds value to our clients, as he can translate client needs into solutions,” says Floris Prager, Partner at LAUTEC in Taiwan. 

Offshore Wind Digitalization

Understanding practical project execution and using our own systems on projects is fundamental for our IT system development. Read more about the LAUTEC SaaS platform here.

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