LAUTEC Marius Turbine Installation Vessel

Meet LAUTEC Marius

Our new Turbine Installation Vessel is based on an entirely new design philosophy that will disrupt the existing TIV market. 

Our decision to invest in this TIV concept is based on two strong and fundamental market drivers: 

  • A global shortage of TIVs in the coming years 
  • Constant crane upgrades on the existing fleet and an increased rate of crane failures

Changing the Game

Instead of focusing on crane reach and capacities, we are changing the game by moving our focus from the crane to the jacking system. LAUTEC Marius will be able to jack up close to the hub height of all existing and next-generation offshore wind turbine platforms.  

The extended jacking height enables WTG installation with a simple, inexpensive crane. Towers will be installed with a newly patented tower upending tool, and the nacelle and blades will be installed directly from the deck.

Current Upgrades

Marius is currently undergoing a leg extension project at the yard of Marstal on Ærø, enabling the TIV to install next-generation turbines of up to +20 MW. The upgrade also includes custom-designed, long-range winch systems for the emergency life raft. 


Please reach out to Ian Spooner, Director of US and Special Projects, to discuss your next WTG installation project. 

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