LAUTEC Christmas Tree 2021

Another Kind of Christmas Tree

We got a special type of Christmas tree this year – 4 hectares of mangrove forest in Madagascar! Your kids are going to love it.

As LAUTEC is on a mission to accelerate the renewable energy transition worldwide, we have teamed up with the Danish NGO, Grow For It, to remove carbon dioxide from the Earth’s atmosphere.

Saving Lifelong Emissions of Four People

On behalf of LAUTEC, Grow For It will be responsible for planting and cultivating 4 hectares of mangrove trees in Madagascar. Each hectare of newly planted forest will capture 10 tons of carbon dioxide every year. Our four hectares will offset the lifelong CO2 emissions of four average Danes.

See the area where the mangrove trees will be planted here.

Around the Same Area As the Largest Wind Turbine Sweeps

With a 222-meter diameter, Siemens Gamesa’s 14-222 DD wind turbine has the largest rotor in operation to date, sweeping around 39,000 square meters. That’s around the same area as our new mangrove forest. How many Christmas mangrove trees will we need to plant next year to keep up with the WTG rotor development?

Other Collaborations

At LAUTEC, we believe that partnerships create more innovative and higher quality results. That’s why we have teamed up with a range of organizations, such as technology companies, educational institutions, and other offshore wind consultancies.

Read more about our partnerships here or follow LAUTEC Group on LinkedIn.

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