US Wind Targets

US Offshore Wind in Maps: State Targets Allocated to Lease Areas

Offshore wind is up-and-coming in the United States. See state goals and capacities for offshore wind farms allocated to current lease areas in our map. 

Grey Areas

For Massachusetts and Rhode Island, space for around 1.6 GW is still available. However, this would quickly be earmarked if Massachusetts authorizes the procurement of an additional 2.8 GW.

Yellow Areas

For New York/New Jersey, an adequate area for the state goals only exists if BOEM’s primary recommended areas (equivalent to 4.5 GW) become available for leasing.

Blue Areas

Compared to the grey and yellow areas, there is currently less space available for Virginia and Maryland. To reach its offshore wind goals, Virginia will need to develop new wind farms with a 40% higher capacity density than New England.

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Follow our “US Offshore Wind in 10 Maps” series the next weeks. For more information about LAUTEC’s work in the US, contact our Partner, Ian Spooner, or follow LAUTEC on LinkedIn.

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