LAUTEC Q for Quality Inspections

No more spreadsheets. With LAUTEC Q, we offer a powerful enterprise solution for digital quality inspections in the wind power industry.

While working with some of the largest developers in offshore wind, we have built LAUTEC Q to improve inspection processes and data management for wind power projects. The system is built on the latest technology for the web, iOS, and Android for PC/Mac and mobile devices. 

LAUTEC Q Features:

  • Project portfolio management for global utility companies
  • Template management
  • Advanced plan view mapping
  • List of open points (LOP) workflow with contractor interaction
  • Full traceability of component lifecycle history 
  • Custom-built reporting and real-time data analytics dashboards

Start simplifying and accelerating your inspection, documentation, and reporting now!

Want to know more?

Read more about LAUTEC Q here, or contact us for a demo at

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