Full Transparency and Insights in Offshore Wind Project Performance

Press release: Copenhagen, DK, 19th March 2020

Sea Impact is proud to announce the market launch of its new offshore wind Market Intelligence Service, providing unprecedented performance insights across all offshore wind projects built to date. Sea Impact is a result of a long-standing cooperation between two highly experienced offshore wind consultancy companies, PEAK Wind and LAUTEC.

Sea Impact benchmarks installation times and frequency of major component replacements as well as key performance indicators for crew transfer across offshore wind farms. Sea Impact is used to compare vessels performance in all phases of a wind farm lifecycle considering the impact of met-ocean conditions. It shows how often interventions have been necessary for a specific wind turbine model over the years of operations, and how this compares to other OEM’s. Sea Impact plays a key role in decision-making, providing support from early stages of offshore wind development to operational asset management.

Sea Impact has previously been an internal key supporting tool for PEAK Wind and LAUTEC consultants. With the market launch we are making the service available for all possible stakeholders in the industry to support them in their decision-making process and market understanding,” says Founding Partner at PEAK Wind, Lars Conradsen.

Additionally, Sea Impact offers the option to navigate on an offshore wind map that allows collecting key information on projects. Information is made available across all European offshore wind farms.

“We are very excited about the release of our online business intelligence services for the offshore wind industry. We genuinely believe that Sea Impact provides a unique insight in vessel and project performance. We welcome any stakeholder in the wind power sector to reach out to us to improve the insights that we provide to the industry,” says Founding Partner at LAUTEC, Anders Pihlkjær.

Sea Impact provides endless use cases including:

  • Project construction budgeting
  • Project schedule development
  • Project risk quantification
  • Installation vessel procurement
  • O&M lifecycle costing
  • Market forecasting and intelligence
  • Technology selection

Visit our new service offering: https://sea-impact.com/

Contact Sea Impact Team:
Co-Founder Lars Conradsen
+45 23 25 50 70

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