Reduce Your Risks

A robust risk management program, which identifies and mitigates potential risks, ensures the successful close of financing, and can significantly improve the agreed termsĀ 
from lending institutions.


Our Risk Management

Increased Planning

More efficiency in operations and planning.

Project Overview

A clear line of sight reporting to project stakeholders and regulatory bodies.

Risk Awareness

Implement risk management in the corporate culture.

Data Insight

Structured data to be leveraged during project financing.

Enhanced Communication

Increases the communication process of all project areas.

Mitigation Planning

Identification and implementation of mitigation actions.

Where Risks Impact Your Project

For the construction and operation of renewable energy projects, the identification and management of risks are significant.

Risks impact the performance of all project areas, including fabrication, construction, health, safety and environment, community, reputation, regulation, operation, market, as well as finance.

By understanding and managing risks, we help renewable energy projects provide greater certainty. 

Our consultants have successfully implemented and executed risk management procedures on a 400 MW offshore wind project in Europe and are currently working on 800 MW and 900 MW offshore wind projects in the US and Taiwan.

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