Managing Geographic Information

A Geographic Information System (GIS) identifies spatial challenges and opportunities in order to develop and execute a project. GIS enables the decision process to be efficient for the project team by visualizing challenges and opportunities in a collaborative and communicative way.

We have on-site lead GIS specialists to assist both the projects and the implementation of our GIS platform. Our specialists have extensive knowledge within all major GIS systems and deliver flexible open-source solutions to fit our customers’ needs. 

Our clients receive the best-in-class support in data acquisition, spatial data management, analysis, and assistance they need in the development and the implementation of our Geographic Information System.


GIS Services for Offshore Wind

Offshore Safety

Prevention of physical accidents and protection against safety impacts brought on by schedule changes.


Planning and up-to-date data provide flexibility when the original schedule changes. Ensures continuous work and no loss of time or cost.


Historical data is available for the duration of construction. Possibility to go back and verify the information.


Data is always available and ready to download. It is stored in a central location, so updates are accessible to projects and contractors immediately.


High quality and standardized data drive confidence throughout the project team. Streamlined data-flow for everyone, both back-office and on-site.


Readily available GIS data results in cost reductions and timely decision-making.

Readily Available GIS Data

GIS data management is a resourceful activity, and with proper infrastructure for the dataflow, it enables effective quality management and a lean approach to data. This includes Quality Assurance (QA) processes and data specifications, for various types of data and interfaces with other parties.

Offshore Wind Power Knowledge

We have extensive GIS knowledge on all phases of offshore wind projects – from feasibility to operations. Our service and support include contractor data specifications, wind farm layout coordination, and daily data provision for constructions aiming at specific contractors.

Our Powerful WindGIS System

GIS management readies the data for usage. To visualize and communicate various datasets, we offer a GIS solution to view and interact with the data. Our WindGIS solution can visualize, share, and report your geo data specifically for your projects in various phases.
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